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Interview of client George Coleman – Hear how hypnosis helped this Etobicoke man lose 35lbs, regain his confidence, and become a better father! 3min,36sec

Interview of client Robert Doyle – How hypnosis helped this man get over his problems at work and get his life going again! 2min,7sec

The difference between dieting and PCH – Director Terry Hodgkinson explains what makes Positive Changes different from the rest. 56sec


My name is Theophilus Beckford. I live in North York and I am a professional spray painter.

I have been a non-smoker for three weeks now. It took me a long time, about 45 years, to become a non-smoker. I started smoking when I was 16 years old, and I smoked around 10 cigarettes a day since that time. I had tried to stop smoking before using the patch, and it worked for a little while, but I still got the urge to smoke, so I started smoking again.

I heard about Positive Changes Hypnosis in the Toronto Sun. I stopped smoking very easily, because I wanted to stop and I got the help from Positive Changes I needed. I have noticed that my breathing is far better now, and I no longer have any urge for smoking.

Before Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke, I felt that the cigarettes were controlling me, but now I’m in control. Hypnosis has given me strength and I feel more confident. The most important benefit I gained from the program is to believe in myself that it will work, and it did work. I’m confident that I am permanently a non-smoker now!

I would recommend Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke to everybody.

Theo Beckford, Toronto


My name is Luba Racicot. I live in Toronto. I came to Positive Change Hypnosis Etobicoke to help my anxiety. I did not feel I was very well grounded at the time. I have always been interested in hypnosis, and I wanted to see if It could help me. I feel a lot camber now. I feel that I have more time to listen to people and I’m not as agitated. I started noticing changes by the fourth session, and other people noticed the changes not longer after my fifth or sixth session. I was quite surprised to hear my daughter saying, “Mom, I have notice that you are much calmer than you used to be.” So I guess that I’m handling things better. I believe my change are permanent, and I ;m going to ensure that they will be by listening to my tapes. I have come up with ideas like decorating my house and getting rid of the clutter. I guess before I was too busy thinking of my troubles and my worries.

The most important benefit that I gained from coming to Positive Changes hypnosis is that I have become more certain of myself. I was always ma more negative thinking person. Now I think I’m becoming a lot more positive in my ways.

I would definitely recommend Positive Changes to others.

Luba Racicot, Admin Assiistant, Toronto 


My name is Theresa Hawco. I live in Mississauga and I’m self employed in massage and stress management. I came to Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke three years ago because I had just started my business and I wanted to be more motivated and enhance my ability to make my business more successful. It’s been three years and I’m so thankful I did the Positive Changes Program. I had had some experience with hypnosis before so I knew by changing my subconscious thoughts that I would change my programming. I really believe in this. I found by doing the sessions at Positive Changes I felt more motivated and it kept me inspired to keep going on with my business. It’s kept me positive about life and helped me personally. I started to notice changes almost right away. I found by going to the sessions I felt better. It started my day off on a positive note and it gave me the motivation for the day. I had tried to motivate myself before coming to Positive Changes but I quickly realized I needed help in inspiring myself. I mean the motivation was there but it was kind of hit and miss – one day it was good and the next it wasn’t. I found when I went to Positive Changes it balanced my thoughts so that I was more consistent in being positive and motivated.

The results have been wonderful. After three years of finishing the program I know that the results I obtained are permanent because when I changed my inner programming I have experienced that l never go back to anything less. Not only has my business grown in the last three years but also so have I. I have referred a lot of people to Positive Changes. My daughter ended up joining the Positive Changes weight loss program and she lost between 50 and 60 pounds, which she has kept off for several years.

I will continue to refer people to the program simply because I know how great it is.

Theresa Hawco, Business Owner, Mississauga 


My name is Bonnie Baptiste. I live in Etobicoke. I work as a Reflexologist and Chiropractor Assistant. Although I was here for Weight Loss, you helped me through an unexpected life crisis. And I appreciate this so much. At that time I had to have surgery. I was afraid of the unknown. I am 54 years old and I had never been in a hospital in my life. I was scared to death to have the surgery and I was worried of the pain I was going to have. After having Hypnosis sessions, it was phenomenal the change in me. I never experienced the pain. I put myself in a comfortable place and didn’t focus on the pain. The pain was minimal to me; I shocked the doctors and the nurses because I didn’t use the pain medication. And I healed exceptionally well. And when I went to the hospital, I thought I would be petrified but I went through the whole process like there was no big deal. I couldn’t imagine walking through the door of the hospital, never mind having surgery. I am definitely afraid of needles and knives.

Without the Hypnosis I couldn’t have done it. I really feel that what got me through it as well as I did, and made me heal as well as I did. The first day my husband came to visit me, he expected to see me laid in bed and I met him at the elevator in the hallway. On the second day after my surgery, I was getting tea for everyone else. I stopped the Morphine within 14 hours after the surgery, and I just had Tylenol after that. I think fear is the main thing that will hold back your recuperation. Also your mindset is so important when you go into an experience like that; if you are not calm then you are anxious and worried. You really just need to relax yourself and let your mind do the work for you.

The most important benefit I received from Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke is the relaxation techniques, learning just to let go and put your mind in another place and you can do almost anything. I will say it is a must to try Hypnosis. Even if you aren’t a believer, believe me it works. If I needed surgery again, I would not be afraid of facing the experience now.

Bonnie Baptiste, Chiropractic Assistant, Etobicoke 


My name is Beverly Hodgkinson, I live in Mississauga, and I’m retiredI had stress problems which I wanted to take care of and I also wanted to quit smoking. Thanks to Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke I have not had a cigarette since my first hypnosis session, which was 6 weeks ago. I was sixteen when I started smoking, and I smoked a pack a day.

Stopping smoking with Positive Changes was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I had tried on my own cold turkey, and made it a couple of times for about 4 to 5 weeks and then went right back to smoking. Smoking controlled me; now I’m in control. Hypnosis helped me quit. When I had a craving I would listen to my recorded sessions and that certainly did help!

Since I quit smoking my breathing has improved a lot. I’m not coughing or using my inhalers as much as I used to.

The most important benefit is my health to begin with, and just believing in myself that I can do things that I want to do. If I can do this, I can do just about anything now. This was my biggest problem. I would recommend Positive Changes to others for sure.

UPDATE: It’s been 7 (seven) YEARS now and Beverley Hodgkinson is STILL A NON-SMOKER!

Beverley Hodgkinson, Mississauga 


My name is Carmelle Riendeau and I live in Mississauga. I met Terry Hodgkinson when he came to my fitness club in 1997 to do a workshop on self-defence I enjoyed the workshop, and was impressed with Terry’s personality. At the time, I was a volunteer with a woman’s shelter and approached Terry to do a similar workshop and raise funds for the shelter. We worked together in organizing a fundraiser, which was done at his martial arts studio. I was so impressed by his teaching, his confidence, and motivational style that I decided to take martial arts training with him. Later on, he started his Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobiocke Centre.

In 2001, I found a lump, went for a biopsy and had to wait 5 days for the results. I contacted Terry and asked what I could do to stay positive while waiting for the results. He designed a positive thinking tape for me – healthy mind and body. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and used his tapes to keep me on the positive thinking track. I would listen to the tape while undergoing chemo treatments and remember one time where Terry’s words of positive thoughts “filtering” into my body and “washing” away negativity, was in sync with the chemo treatment coming through my arm – it certainly gave me an added tingling (chemo in, cancer out). That night I experienced a third eye “vision” which could have meant I was in tune with my body. I have been cancer free for many years now!

Whether it was throughout my martial arts training, or the positive changes sessions, I found Terry to be a great mentor, an awesome motivational speaker, and simply a most caring individual.

Carmelle Riendeau, Mississauga 


My name is Heather Oates. I live in High Park, Toronto. I’ve been a non-smoker for about 2 months. It took me almost 20 years to become a non-smoker. Quitting smoking was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I saw the sign for Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke on the road. I used to smoke 15 to 20 cigarettes a day. After the first session, I started smoking less and after four days of the program, I just thought “OK! Enough is enough. I have to get rid of my cigarettes.” And right away I stopped smoking.

I‘ve noticed that I have better breathing and more energy. I noticed a change in my behavior right after I started the program. I was not in control before; now I feel in control. Hypnosis helped to eliminate the urges and desires for cigarettes. I feel more confident now that I have stopped smoking. I am not hiding anymore. The most important benefit I’ve received from hypnosis is being able to stop smoking: to make the commitment and follow through with it. Another benefit is saving the money. When you spend the money on cigarettes, it’s gone. Right away you get the benefit of the money you are saving.

I would recommend the Positive Changes Hypnosis program to anyone else who wants to stop smoking. I am positive that I will be a non-smoker permanently.

Heather Oates, Homemaker, Toronto 

My name is Rina Sanchez, I live in Etobicoke and I’m a senior Customer Service Agent. I chose Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke because I felt my life was going really down with a lot of stress, depression and anxiety. My life was really out of control. I could not control decisions or choices that I had to face on a daily basis. I believed I could get help with this program.

During the first two weeks in the program I found myself able to be happier about making decisions in my life. My family and coworkers noticed my changes during the first three weeks that I was attending the program.

I told people about the Positive Changes  Hypnosis Etobicoke program and they were surprised how quickly my changes were noticeable. I had tried other ways in the past: anxiety pills and sleeping pills were not working; help from counselors did not work as well as the hypnosis program.

I believe if I keep on listening to the CD’s daily, I will make even more progress. I have noticed other changes in my life: I spend more time with my family, which I did not do for the past four years; now I find myself calling them almost daily; going to Church; taking care of my nephews. I’m spending more time and being more patient with my son: doing activities with him like walking, biking, movies, and having dinner with him more then I did before.

The most important benefit I have from Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke is that I feel happier about living. Now I find everything around me has life that I can interact with and I am encouraged to be alive.

I would recommend Positive Changes 110 per cent. I would really encourage anyone with addiction or depression to come. The program works.

Rina Sanchez, Senior Customer Service Agent, Etobicoke


My name is Roger Galea. I live in Etobicoke and I’m a driver. My goal for coming to Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke was to get rid of my stress and anxiety and just to be a better person in the long run.

I heard about Positive Changes Hypnosis through my boss. He saw it in the paper one day and recommended it to me. I tried it and I think it helped a lot. My success from coming to Positive Changes was what I had hoped for.

I started noticing changes after the consultation. Right away I felt in the comfort zone, it’s like a safe place for me – I felt very comfortable. The first session was fantastic. Other people started noticing changes about a week or two into my program. They were saying that I was reaching my goal with hypnosis, so as long as it’s helping me, to go ahead and do it.

I tried getting rid of my stress and anxiety in the past, by going to the doctors and taking prescribed medication. It didn’t work…it just made me feel a lot worse. After Hypnosis I felt like myself again without any medication. I believe that this is a permanent change. I also noticed that I’m a lot more cheerful now. I’ve gone back to work and all the workers noticed the big difference – they can’t believe that I was that sick. The most important benefit that I got from Positive Changes was that it made me a better person in the long run. I don’t get mood swings like I used to when I had stress and I take things a little easier now.

I would recommend Positive Changes Hypnosis to anyone.

 Roger Galea, Etobicoke


My name is David Tokey, and I live in Mississauga. My goal to come to Positive Changes Hypnosis was to stop biting my nails.

I chose Positive Changes because I have tried a lot of methods: the stuff that you put on your nails like nail polish and other things that supposedly make you stop, but they would not work so I figured I would give this a try. My experience was that in the first session I was able to stop. I was amazed and really impressed how hypnosis can take over and really change your thinking.

I started noticing the changes after the first session. Within the first couple of days I also totally stopped fidgeting; moving around I was calmer.

Other people noticed the changes within a week, as they noticed nails growing on my fingers. Other positive changes I notice are that I’m more positive, more confident and have better self-esteem. I’m happier.

The most important benefit I received from Positive Changes is that I have been able to achieve my goal when I have failed to do so trying all the other methods.

I would absolutely recommend Positive Changes Hypnosis to others.

David Tokey, Mississauga


My name is Jerry Meneray. Currently I live in Georgetown, although I lived and worked in Etobicoke for the last sixteen years. I work as a service manager in a car dealership. I have lost 113 pounds so far. I’ve gone from a 56-inch jacket to a 48-inch jacket, and from 54-56 inch pants to 44-46 inch pants. It took me eight months to lose this weight.

I’ve been overweight most of my life since I was a teenager. It was hard being overweight as a teenager. You are not one of the cool people. It was frustrating because I couldn’t understand why others were thin and I wasn’t. I tried the Atkins diet, Low-Carb diet, Protein Diet, Protein Shakes, Abs-isolator, and starving myself. The results were not very good: short-term weight loss, but I would gain more back. Then I saw a couple of testimonials in newspaper ads. I came with a colleague for an interview in November last year and decided to join in April 2003. I thought it was time and I was motivated. There were health issues and at the time there was a female involved but I just decided to do it for everyone that was in my life: for my family and friends, but mostly for myself. Within the first month I noticed that when I was shopping I was buying vegetables and meat and I was reading labels, which I had not been reading before, because of the Nutrition Classes. I was more aware of what I was putting into my body. Due to my size, it was not noticeable that I lost weight during the first week; but definitely in the first month I noticed a weight loss of 5 to 10 pounds. It was very easy; so easy that it is frustrating that I hadn’t done it a long time ago. I don’t get winded walking upstairs; I can actually fit in chairs and booths in restaurants. I walk upstairs and walk around at work. I felt a boost in energy and I sleep a lot better. Before, I felt very much out of control, always stressed and I never had any solutions.

Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke was the right choice. Now I would say I feel 90% in control with another 10% to gain. I definitely feel that I’ve grown in the last eight months mentally and I’ve grasped that what I was doing for so many years was wrong. I do not snack anymore; I drink water. If I do get some sort of craving, then it will be for a piece of fruit or a vegetable or a lot of water. Definitely everyone has noticed my positive attitude now: my happiness, my appearance, how loose my clothes are and how thin my face is. I am definitely more confident. I benefit the most from the nutrition information and understanding that what you put into your body makes your body. Not knowing about nutrition made it difficult to understand why I was overweight. I was not eating a lot but it was what I was eating that was the problem.

Most definitely I believe that these changes and my weight loss are permanent. I already have recommended Positive Changes to others.

Jerry Meneray, Truck Service Manager, Georgetown 

My name is Pat Docherty. I live in Mississauga. I am an Administrative Assistant. I started out coming for weight loss. I saw an Ad in a newspaper and I was desperate to lose weight so I thought I would give it a try because I had tried everything else. After I had started the program I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I guess I was walking around with a huge black cloud over my head. I couldn’t seem to get all the worries and thoughts out of my mind. I was obsessing really. I talked to Terry Hodgkinson; it is supportive just knowing that there was someone to help me through it. We had couple of hypnosis sessions, which really relaxed me. I was listening to my tapes while I was waiting for my treatments, and waiting for my surgery.

When I arrived on the operating table and was hooked up to the monitors, the O.R. nurse was amazed at my relaxed heart rate. It really relaxed me and calmed me right down. Hypnosis made me cope a lot better. It stopped me obsessing about it anymore and I was able to carry on with life. Right away I started to notice changes. I hadn’t told anyone about the cancer. When I told them they were nervous about it, while I was relaxed. Hypnosis helps me to keep things in perspective, not to get stressed out about things and to keep focused. Definitely Hypnosis helped me to get through the whole experience with cancer – making it a lot easier and helping me to cope with everything.

I would recommend Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke to others. I already did – my daughter is also a client here.

Pat Docherty, Admin Assistant, Mississauga 

My name is Jim Charboneau. I live in Etobicoke. My goal for using hypnosis was to improve aspects of my performance relative to my career and my ability to manage people, manage stress and situations. I did some research to try to understand the processes and figured that the Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke approach would work for me.

After using Positive Changes the project and activities I was involved in were phenomenal. My performance was exceptional and my relationships with people went better. I avoided mistakes. I was more tactical and very calm. I developed a reputation that things bounced off me and I was durable. Yes I was very successful that way.

I started to notice changes in a few days after starting my program. My wife noticed that I was managing the stress of my schedule and extensive business travel. Other changes that happened that were unexpected was my dedication to fitness and my focus on my mind and body.

I would absolutely recommend this program. People should understand the science behind it. This is not a science that hits or misses. If you take the time to focus and apply it, it’s great. People don’t take enough time to relax, so that’s beneficial too.

I was impressed enough with the program that I signed my son Jeffery up for it as well. He has responded quite well. It helped with his study habits and communication with other people and thinking more positively. His grades have improved. It’s worked quite well for the both of us.

Jim Charboneau, Manager, Etobicoke


My name is Jack Figueredo, I live in Toronto, and I’m an aircraft engineer. I have been a non-smoker for two months now. I stopped smoking the same day I started the program. I had been smoking for 35 years. When I started the program, I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

I heard about Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke through a co-worker. I was surprised how easy it was to stop with hypnosis. I had tried other ways like Zyban and cold turkey, but they never worked. Hypnosis has taken away the desire and the cravings for cigarettes. I felt out of control: now I feel that I’m in control. I find it’s easy to handle any situation through quitting smoking.

Stopping smoking has given me more confidence. The most important thing I gained from coming to Positive Changes Hypnosis is the improvement in my health.

I would and have recommended Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke to others.

Jack Figueredo,  Aircraft Engineer , Toronto


My name is Sheila Banks. I’m a social worker and live in Toronto. My purpose for coming to Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke was that I wanted to be able to drive on major highways like 401 and the 400 and feel comfortable doing so. In the past I would experience a lot of anxiety and because of that my hands would sweat and my body would tingle. I just didn’t feel comfortable at all. So I avoided highway driving altogether. I heard advertisements on the radio about Positive Changes Hypnosis and I also liked the idea that there is a set protocol.
My success is that now I’m driving on the 400 and 401 and the Gardner Expressway. Within two weeks I had it licked. It’s no problem for me at all to drive now. I started to notice changes one week into the program. I noticed that I was relaxing more and feeling more positive about getting on the highway. When the first opportunity came to get on the highway…I just went and did it. That was in my second week. Other people have noticed I’m driving on the highways now too.

I believe my results are permanent and hypnosis has reminded me that I have so many internal resources that I can tap into. I would recommend Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke for anyone and I believe more people really should be using it as a powerful resource.

Sheila Banks, Social Worker, Toronto 


My name is Lisa Ryall. I live in Etobicoke, Ontario and I am a receptionist. I am 28 years old and lost 53 pounds in 7 months. I was overweight for 5 years, the last 2 of which were the most uncomfortable. After having my second child I found it difficult to maneuver. I was embarrassed about my weight and didn’t feel like I fit into society. I had tried diet pills, drinking water for days without food and even battled with eating disorders as a teen. The results were more weight gain and no control over anything, including my thoughts. I started working as a Client Care Coordinator with Positive Changes and after 3 months of seeing results with clients, I was impressed and decided to sign up for a program myself.

I now cope with my stress better and I handle situations with my children differently. I’m calmer and enjoy my time with them more. In the first week of my program I started to notice the mental changes. I lost 10lbs by the first month. It was easy as long as I stuck with my program. Before my weight loss, I used my inhaler every 3 days and now eight months later I haven’t had to use it at all! I’m in control of my weight, my food intake, and portion amounts. I don’t eat emotionally anymore. I used to go to the fridge when I was upset and now I know that’s not the solution. I’ve eliminated my cravings for junk food. I no longer struggle with binge eating. I’m more aware of my health and what’s good for me. Everyone has noticed the weight loss and my coworkers have commented on the change in my attitude. Loosing the weight has built my self-esteem dramatically! My energy level is higher and I’ve finally learned how to eat correctly. I believe the changes will be permanent. I’ve never kept weight off for 8 months before! Positive Changes has been nothing short of a wonderful influence on me and has helped me in my life. I now maintain a regular exercise routine and love my whole self, inside and out.

I would encourage anyone to join Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke and have recommended it to several friends and family members because I believe in it.

Lisa Ryall, Admin Assistant, Etobicoke  


My name is Elvis Raposo, I live in Etobicoke and I’m an actor.

I came to Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke to overcome anxiety, panic attacks and depression, not realizing that sleep deprivation was a major part of my problem. This has been a problem for all of my life, and I have gone to doctors and sleep therapists with no results. Positive Changes was a life saver: it took care of the root of the problem so that I can deal with the other problems.

I chose Positive Changes because I saw an advertisement one day in a book store. Suddenly this shining light bulb went on in my head and I realized that this was my opportunity.

I started noticing changes very quickly, I was listening to my sessions regularly, and feeling relaxed, and was no longer tossing and turning. Right away I notice that I was sleeping.

Other people noticed changes too, because my moods were very different. Before I was in a bad mood and now I’m on cloud nine. My memory has improved. I am more comfortable dealing with people. I noticed it with additions: I’m not freaking out.

The most important benefit I received is the knowledge that there are alternative therapies that work without needing to take pills and without the side effects of medication. It gives me a sense of hope that this is a new path of life for me. I now have the tools to take the opportunities that come my way.

I would definitely recommend Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke to others.

Elvis Raposo, Actor, Etobicoke


My name is Kim Freestone. I live in Etobicoke and I’m an office manager. With Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke help, I’ve been a non-smoker for almost 5 years now. I started smoking in grade 8 and smoked until I was 38-years-old. Since I quit smoking my sense of smell got stronger and so have my taste buds. Also everything smells better, my house and my clothes.
I heard about Positive Changes through an ad and when I realized that it was going to be more then a one time thing – I thought that it might have more value to it. I cut back instantly but I didn’t quit until about 4 or 5 weeks into the program. Right after I quit smoking, if I did get the craving, the feeling would go away in less than a minute. I had tried the gum to quit smoking but I could only cut down for a few weeks rather then quitting. I also tried cold turkey but I wouldn’t last more than a half a day on my own. With hypnosis, while quitting, I didn’t have any negative side affects. I wasn’t short tempered or angry. I didn’t have cramps or headaches like I thought I would have.

The most important benefit that I got from Positive Changes Hypnosis was that I have much better health and energy. I would recommend Positive Changes to anyone because I didn’t think that I’d ever be able to quit…and now I am confident that I’m a non-smoker permanently.

Kim Freestone, Office Manager, Etobicoke


My name is Diane Morgan, I live in Etobicoke. My goal was to stop eating peppermints.

I stopped eating the peppermints the day before I came for my first session and I have not had a peppermint since.

I started noticing changes right away, and other people started seeing the changes within two or three days. They would phone me and ask, “”Have you had any?” and I would say, “No.” ”Oh really, that’s wonderful.” My family thinks it’s great.

This is definitely going to be permanent. I feel better and have a great outlook on life. I just feel that there is a bounce in my step now. I love it!

The most important thing I received from coming to Positive Changes Hypnosis, I would say is the love of life and the attitude that I can do it. I just feel wonderful.

I would absolutely recommend Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke.

Diane Morgan, Administrative Assistant, Etobicoke


My name is John Mathe, I live in Etobicoke and I’m retired. I had had cancer. After 18 treatments of chemo, 15 treatments of chest radiation and 10 shots of radiation to the head, I guess God found in His heart to give me a second chance. So I thought, well, maybe I had better pick up on some of this and stop smoking and give myself that second chance for sure. I’ve been a non-smoker for 13 days. I was smoking between 20 and 40 cigarettes a day. I had been in the program for about 6 weeks before I became a non-smoker.

I chose to come to Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke to stop smoking because I’ve always been curious about hypnosis. At first I had my doubts…right until I stopped smoking. I didn’t really notice changes until near the end of the program. To my thinking, what I think has happened, is I view it like the hypnosis has built up a lot of doorways down this extremely long hall…and by closing them, the smoke’s got one way to go – that’s out the other end.

I had not really tried other ways of stopping. From my previous experiences of the four days in the hospital, where I went without a cigarette for those four days, I found myself literally climbing the walls. The patch or whatever else could be darned. I WANTED A CIGARETTE.

The most important benefit I received from Positive Changes Hypnosis is being able to actually stop smoking and not really being bothered about it either. I believe that I’m a non-smoker permanently. I would definitely recommend Positive Changes Hypnosis to anyone who wants to stop smoking.

John Mathe, Etobicoke


My name is Bronwen Gates. I am an Anaesthetist at Sunnybrook Hospital, living in Etobicoke. With hypnosis, I easily lost 25 lbs in just four months! Before joining Positive Changes Hypnosis, my weight fluctuated. Two years ago, I managed to lose 80lbs on a diet, but put it right back on, which upset me greatly. I was uncomfortable, my clothes didn’t fit, and I didn’t like the way I looked. Basically, I just didn’t like myself. One day, I saw a testimonial in the Etobicoke Guardian from a client of Positive Changes Hypnosis. I had read the testimonials many times before, but that day it really hit home with me and I decided I was going to try it. When I came in for my free evaluation, everybody was very friendly and put me at ease. I was given a thorough explanation of hypnosis and what the program was all about.

I immediately saw the benefits of hypnosis and I really liked what the program had to offer. I knew Positive Changes Hypnosis was definitely going to help me reach my goal I noticed changes happening right after the first session and as the weeks passed, more and more positive changes happened with my eating habits. I lost 5lbs in the first week. It’s been very easy and the weight loss has been steady over 4 months. I stopped snacking after dinner. I now drink a lot of water and my food choices are so much healthier, I find myself easily making better choices. I have started exercising more and noticed an increase in my energy level. Before I started the program, I couldn’t walk for more than 5 or 10 minutes without thinking that I couldn’t go one step further. My legs would hurt; it would be painful to keep on going. Now, I can walk 30 to 45 minutes at a fast pace and my breathing remains easy, I don’t feel as exhausted as I use to, and I don’t feel the leg pains or shortness of breath anymore! I used to feel out of control. I felt guilty that I couldn’t control my eating habits, even though, as a physician I knew how it would affect my health.

Now, with hypnosis, I feel so much more in control. People have noticed that I’ve started losing weight and I’ve actually had some people ask me what I’ve been doing. So, I have been encouraging them to join Positive Changes. Losing weight and becoming healthier has given me a lot more confidence. With my career, as you can imagine, I experience a lot of stress. But as an added benefit, hypnosis as helped me to cope much easier with situations at work. I deal with them in a much calmer manner. I have found that all kinds of things in life have opened up for me since I’ve started the program, in ways that I would never have dreamed of. I have gained so many benefits from coming to Positive Changes Hypnosis. I recognize the most significant change besides the weight loss, is that I feel more confidence in myself. I make better decisions and am more positive about life. I have no doubt that these changes I am making are permanent. I know without a doubt, that it is not a diet; it is not just about losing weight. It is a life style change.

I have already recommended Positive Changes to many others, whether it is for stopping smoking or for losing weight because I know, first hand, that it works!

Bronwen Gates, Medical Doctor, Etobicoke 

My name is Andre Grant, I live in Etobicoke and I drive a truck for a living. I’m 64 years of age. I started smoking when I was 10 years old and smoked for 54 years of my life. I’ve now been a non smoker for a year thanks to Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke. I smoked 4 packs a day for many years now. I wanted to become a non smoker because of my constant coughing and I believe I was even allergic to them in the end, I couldn’t keep my breath at all I was really feeling out of whack. I tried the gum, zyban the laser treatment of course I’ve tried to quite cold turnkey quite for lent and quite for a day nothing worked but hypnosis.

In one session I started to noticed changes. I cut down to about 6 cigarettes a day from 4 packs and I didn’t force my self. In a week I was down to 3 cigarettes a day and in two weeks I just didn’t want to smoke anymore. When I started the sessions what I noticed first was the relaxation. I couldn’t believe how relaxed I was able to get. I don’t think I ever relaxed in my life before. coming to positive changes hypnosis, It was easier then I ever thought to quite smoking. In the beginning if I felt like having a cigarette then I had one, within two weeks I didn’t even want one. I just don’t think about cigarettes anymore and the relaxation is a big thing for me now. I’m not uptight anymore. Before I had to have a cigarette when I opened the truck door I had to have one if I closed it I had to have on going all the time. Now I’m way more relaxed and I just don’t want a cigarette. I definitely felt out of control when I smoked. I feel much more in control now. There are other health improvements that I have experienced way to many to mention all of them. Since I was thirty years of age I couldn’t walk for any distance before because something was wrong with my leg with in a month of attending the positive changes sessions it was better. Now I can walk long distances.

The relaxation is the biggest benefit to me. Nothing bothers me anymore. My breathing is a 100% better and still getting better everyday. To be honest with you I think the biggest benefit of all for me about coming to Positive Changes Hypnosis is that I’m still alive. I don’t know if I would have been had I not come. That’s just how good I feel now. What I like most about this program is the fact that it works! Everybody that knows me cannot believe that I do not smoke anymore. Being a non-smoker has given me 100% more confidence. I know being a non-smoker will be permanent for me. I feel so good I would be pretty crazy to let it all go now. I would recommend the positive changes program to anybody in a minute that’s just how confident I feel about it.

Andre Grant, Truck Driver, Etobicoke 

Hi my name is Jamie Wilson and I live in Etobicoke. My goal at Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke was to give myself more confidence and take away all the hesitation when performing as an actor, stand up comedian or a juggler. I was looking for an alternative solution to overcome some of my problems. I’ve tried different ways of dealing with what I was going through…basically one thing after the next lead me to hypnosis.

My success was that after a couple of sessions I could go up on stage and perform – especially around the busy Christmas season. I had some shows booked previously before I came to Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke, but I was really worried about getting up and doing them. Just after a couple of sessions my mind was set I got up and I kicked butt!! The Hypnosis wiped out whatever doubt I had. Just having that confidence, I knew I could pull it off. I was also welcoming more phone calls from agents after that. A lot of times when the agents would call I was nervous with the bookings, but after hypnosis I wanted them to call more.

Just coming in for the consultation my mind started realizing the possibilities. After my first hypnosis session I started noticing my changes right off the bat. After the first session I walked out of there feeling like a new person. Other people started noticing my changes as soon as I started to notice them. My family was very happy for me when they were noticing that I was happy for myself. I told all my family and my close friends all about hypnosis.

Before I started hypnosis I tried other methods…they gave me a little confidence but I still felt like I lacked in some ways. One day, while performing, I had a bad experience and that’s when I decided to go for hypnosis.

I believe my confidence will be a permanent change, but I know that if I ever need a boost I can go back and listen to my CD’s over again. I also experienced other positive changes through the program. I’ve been more open and clear to people around me and I’m more confident in myself in general. I’m not shy to ask out girls. I focused more on my working out. It has touched me in many different ways. The biggest benefit that I got from Positive Changes Hypnosis was how much I learned about myself. What my limitations were back then and how to work through them, so they’re not limitations anymore. Also Positive Changes helped me to recognize reoccurring self-limiting patterns in my life early on, before they get out of hand, then overcome them.

I would recommend  Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke to everybody, because I know that everyone has something that they would like to work on, change, or just to become a better person. If people are open enough to hypnosis and are able to say they need help to work on whatever it is, then hypnosis is the thing for them.

Jamie Wilson, Business Owner, Etobicoke


My name is Joseph McDonald, I’m 58 years old, I work as a dining room waiter and after smoking for nearly 45 years I’ve been a non-smoker for almost a year and a half now. I was 12 or 13 years old when I started smoking. I am lucky to be alive and in reasonably good health after 45 years smoking about 30 cigarettes a day, double that if I went for a drink. It took me a long time to become a non- smoker; I tried and failed many times. I tried everything including the patch, acupuncture and nicotine gum but nothing worked, until I tried hypnosis. I heard about Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke from an ad in the paper. I came in for the initial consultation, there was no high-pressure tactics, and everything seemed so laid back I decided to give it a shot.

The first session at Positive Changes I wore a patch, but after that, I did not bother, I was O.K; I no longer needed the patch. I quit smoking right after my first session. The cravings disappeared within the first week, which was encouraging. Within the first month, I experienced a rush of well being, because all of the crap was leaving my system. It was very easy for me to become a non-smoker with Positive Changes Hypnosis; I felt as if I wasn’t doing anything, I just kind of flowed along with it, which was great. One of my biggest problems was smoking when I went out for a drink, so I decided to stop going out drinking with my friends for 3 months, which was hard but it’s been fine ever since. I can now go out with my friends and their puffing away doesn’t bother me anymore. Before go to Positive Changes Hypnosis, smoking completely controlled me, now I am in control.

Quitting smoking has improved my health, my lungs are far cleaner, my clothes don’t stink of cigarettes anymore, and my self – confidence has improved. I don’t let people smoke in my apartment anymore. I have confidence in the program and believe the changes are permanent for me. I have referred the program to other people.

Joseph McDonald , Waiter, Toronto 

My name is Christine Voinou. I live in Mississauga and I am a Medical Secretary. I’ve lost 55 lbs. I’ve gone from a size 22 to a size 16,18. It took me over a year to lose this and my weight loss actually did not start until I was 6 months into the program. My advice to clients is to have patience and not to give up. I was at an uncomfortable weight for many years and emotionally it was very draining. I’ve tried many ways of loosing weight and I often would loose 30 lbs but as soon as the program was over the weight would slowly come back.  Many times I was starving myself. At Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke I never felt deprived. I felt it was a lifestyle change not a diet. I was learning a new way to eat. I noticed that I was making healthy food choices. I signed up for the program because of friends and family especially my sister who knew of a few friends who had been successful with Positive Changes Hypnosis.

Hypnosis has helped me to eliminate many bad habits. I don’t snack any more and I don’t drink soft drinks or eat junk food. I actually leave food on my plate. Many people have noticed the changes especially the fact that I have more confidence and that I am more out going and more assertive. Positive Changes Hypnosis has changed my whole life and I feel confident that this is a permanent change.

I have recommended Positive Changes Hypnosis to many people.

Christine Voinou, Mississauga 


My name is Randy Clusiau and I live in Sudbury. In January 08 I weighed 350 lbs; I had no energy, low self esteem and was quite unhappy with my life. I new I needed to do something at 32 years old I was on a slippery slope that was leading to diabetes and many other health problems. Discouraged because of all of the fad diets I tried with no success, always seeming to gain back more weight than I lost. I was looking for help and direction. I knew Terry from Positive Changes Hypnosis for quite some time on a personal level and knew he had a successful practice of helping people with different problem so I cried out for help in desperation. Terry was amazing, he took the time to teach me several important things about eating healthy, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. After spending time with me I felt empowered and encouraged for the first time in a long time to do something, so I implemented all of his recommendations and amazingly I had more energy and felt better than I have in many years. I started losing weight fast, I was so encouraged by Terry’s support and the results I was getting I continued on till the end of the year. I am so glad the Terry took the time to help me get started and to continue to motivate me along the way, I know I never would have been able to do it without him and the Positive Changes program.

After twelve months with my new lifestyle I lost 120 pounds, I went from a size 50 pants to size 34 but most of all I feel so energetic, healthy and am really enjoying life for the first time in a long time. I even teach kick boxing now, something that I would have never dreamed I could do before this program.

Thanks Terry, thanks Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke,

Randy Clusiau, Personal Trainer, Sudbury


My name is Janicen Hall and I live in Etobicoke. I’ve lost 30 lbs so far on the Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke program and dropped 2 clothing sizes.

I had a weight problem for as long as I could remember. I tried diets before and starving myself but I would always end up putting the weight back on. In my past I was always lonely and had no friends. I wouldn’t go out anywhere because of the way I looked. That’s all changed now because of hypnosis.

I saw an ad in the Etobicoke Guardian…I knew I needed some help so I went in for the free consultation. I liked what I heard so I signed up for the program. I’ve always constantly snacked on foods throughout the day and night. I thought it would be hard for me to change that. In only a few months I noticed huge changes - I wasn’t snacking at all like I used to and I had a lot more energy and felt more positive. Like I said, I thought it would be hard but it wasn’t hard at all!

I used to experience a lot of back pain due to being overweight and used to be tired all of the time. My whole life has changed because of Positive Changes Hypnosis. I’m a totally different person and feel so much healthier.

Many people have noticed changes in me. Everywhere I go there are people telling me that I’ve lost weight and that I look good. That encourages me to lose more. I feel so good I know these changes will be permanent and I would definitely recommend the Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke to anybody.

Janicen Hall, Etobicoke


I have been involved with the program for 9 weeks and I am thrilled to say that I have lost 17 pounds! I have tried many weight loss programs over the years, but Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke has by far been the most successful for me. From my very first session, I experienced an immediate positive change in my attitude towards food, exercise and lifestyle. I am no longer snacking between meals or drinking the diet pop I loved so much. Juices, fruits, and vegetables are now my snacks of choice. Healthy eating habits have become a part of my life with absolutely no effort at all! I have begun to exercise daily and have an abundance of energy like never before.

The program has even had a tremendous impact on my ability to cope with the stress of a busy family and demanding career. And the amazing thing is…there is no need for willpower. I have taken control of my eating habits…they no longer control me. Thank you Positive Changes! (Update: Lynn lost a total of 30 lbs. and has reached her goal weight).

Lynn Braithwaite,  Teacher, Etobicoke

I’ve had a negative self-image all my life, no matter what I’ve weighed. I’ve been yo-yo dieting since my 14th birthday, and was finally ready for a lifestyle change. I had originally come here (to Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke) for weight loss, but found something much more important. PCH has given me a positive body image as well as a coping mechanism for the stresses of day-to-day life. All this and a two-size drop! I’ve also stopped taking all sorts of over the counter remedies and feel more healthy than ever. This program is worth every penny. Don’t wait, you owe it to yourself. You’re worth it!

Bridget Hawley, Systems Consultant, Etobicoke

Hi my name is Jo-Ann Silverstein and I live in Toronto. I’m a sales executive, selling radio airtime. Thanks to Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke I’ve been a non-smoker for about 3 months now, after being a heavy smoker for 10 years.

The biggest thing for me is feeling free. I always felt trapped with smoking…I felt it was leading me around. At night, if I was low on cigarettes, I had to make that effort to go to the store and buy myself a pack. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, you just have to fill that larder up, so that you’re not left without. It really takes control of you. I used to smoke close to 2 packs a day. I was a smoker since I was 14 years of age. I had quit for 10 years, but after those ten years I started to smoke again.

I heard about Positive Changes Hypnosis from my psychiatrist. Two of his patients had come to Positive Changes and found success in not smoking. Knowing that I wanted to quit, he passed along Positive Changes to me. It was phenomenally easy to quit. I think that one of the fears that I had was the pain of stopping smoking; that I would experience withdrawal, be irritable, jerky and twitching…just anticipating all of that. I had none of that. I came for a week, that was my two sessions, and in the second week I brought Positive Changes my carton of cigarettes and told them to throw it out. That’s unheard of!

I had tried other things before to quit smoking. I would buy dozens of patches. I used to put them on and then tear them off because I wanted a cigarette. I tried a laser and cold turkey – but I couldn’t do it. I felt out of control with my smoking. Hypnosis helped me with urges, cravings and desire for cigarettes. I had none, or if I did, they would quickly pass. Quitting smoking definitely helped me gain confidence. Now at restaurants and in public places if you smoke you’re shoved outside, and it makes you feel weak and not too smart. Now we’re educated towards what smoking can do to us.

I really do feel that I am a permanent non-smoker. Undeniably hypnosis was the best thing yet and I would recommend it to everybody.

Jo-Ann Silverstein, Executive, Toronto


My experience with Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke has been a positive one. I have an overall feeling of well-being and my poor eating habits are a thing of the past. I started with Positive Changes Hypnosis six weeks ago and lost 25 lbs. I am confident I will reach my goal and be slim and healthy for life.

UPDATE: Carol has now lost 50 lbs since she started in October and she is still losing!

Carol Brousseau,  Caregiver, Etobicoke

On January 17/2000, I decided to join Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke to help me lose my extra weight. The thought of dieting and exercising did not appeal to me, yet changing my eating habits before and after meals DID. After the first session, I knew my lifestyle was going to change and I would return to my ideal weight… this seemed pretty easy… eating fresh foods, learning about nutrition and listening to tapes. Well, today after 11 weeks, I’ve lost 36 pounds, feel great and enjoy any and every type of exercise. I always find time to eat right, exercise and enjoy my family life to the limit. My only regret is I should have joined 10 months ago. I’ve made a positive change in my lifestyle thanks to PCH and I feel GREAT!

Lisa Pilon,  IT Specialist, Etobicoke


My name is John Gomes, I live in Etobicoke and I’m a financial advisor. I have been a non-smoker for four weeks thanks to Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke. I started smoking when I was 14-years-old and I’ve smoked now for 22 years. I used to smoke a pack a day or just slightly more then a pack a day. One thing I’ve noticed already, being a non- smoker, is that I’m not coughing as much as before.

I heard about Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke on the radio. It took me four sessions and then I was a non-smoker. It was actually fairly easy to do. I’ve tried other methods before like Zyban and the Nicotine Patch, but I only reduced my smoking or stopped temporarily. I feel much more in control with hypnosis. Hypnosis eliminated my urges and cravings for cigarettes.

The most important benefit I’ve received from this program is that I’m now smoke free! I’m confident that I’ll be a non-smoker permanently. I would recommend the Positive Changes Program to anyone who wants to quit smoking.

John Gomes, Financial Advisor, Etobicoke


My name is Joe Gmiter. I live in Mississauga. I’m retired and I’m now a school bus driver. I joined Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke to quit smoking. I have now been a non-smoker since September 2004. It took me about nine weeks to quit smoking with Positive Changes Hypnosis. I used to have a really bad cough, but since I quit smoking I stopped coughing. I used to smoke a large pack-and-a-half a day. I smoked for 44 years. I started when I was 20-years-old.
I saw the Positive Changes Hypnosis billboard. I memorized the phone number 416-695-7272 and one day after school I called and signed up. It was very easy for me. I just listened to the tapes and it came naturally. I started noticing changes after the first month of my program and so did my wife.

I had tried the patch, laser treatment, everything and nothing worked. I felt out of control before the program and now I’m in control. I used to have uncontrollable cravings, but now I feel much better.

The most important benefit I received from Positive Changes was my health. I had a heart attach a while ago and for sure it was because of smoking. Now I don’t have to worry about it. I have recommended Positive Changes to other people for anything. I am also very confident that I’m permanently a non-smoker.

 Joe Gmiter, Mississauga


It is my pleasure to recommend Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke as an exceptional resource for behaviour change and life enhancement needs. The Personal, Accelerations and Self Hypnosis sessions were conducted by the staff in the most relaxing and positive atmosphere. The staff have been most helpful in helping me to realize my goals in stress reduction and life enhancement. Overall, it has been a very positive experience.

Joseph Kwiczala,  Account Manager, Etobicoke

I came in with an open mind. I was concerned with my weight but more so about my eating habits. I was amazed one day when I reached for a chocolate bar and then changed my mind. I couldn’t believe that I was passing on chocolate. I’ve lost almost 20 pounds and I’m enthusiastic about my exercise, drinking 8-10 glasses of water a daily and paying attention to what I eat. I’m thrilled with my experience at Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke and extend my sincere thanks to the staff.

Anita Gittens, Clinic Director, Etobicoke

I have been on the program at Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke now for 7 weeks and have lost a total of 8 lbs. I feel terrific and my energy level has gone up ten-fold. I try to attend the acceleration class as often as I can, but if I am not able to, I listen to my tapes at home and find them equally effective. I have also noticed that I am not thinking of food as much and am able to go longer without eating between meals.

Ann Carson,  Book keeper, Etobicoke

My name is Alexandra Mironyuk. I live in Mississauga. My goal for using Hypnosis was to get rid of my severe phobia of snakes. I chose Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke because nothing else seemed to work, including seeing a counselor at school. I am not scared of snakes any more. After my first session I noticed changes. I can watch them on the TV without a problem and even see them in the aquarium. My family noticed the changes right away too. After the second session, I was watching snakes on the TV. My mother was like “WOW”!! My family is very happy and very pleased because this would have affected me before. My family was worried that I was going through emotional stress and I was getting discouraged due to this phobia.

Now I can sleep normally without thinking that there are snakes under my blanket. I do not see the red eyes anymore before I go to sleep. I used to associate those red eyes with the snake and devil. Now I go to the pet store to the section where there are snakes. I watch shows like Fear Factor and shows on Discovery channel; some of the images are really disgusting. I also have books that have pictures of snakes in them, and I can go back and look at them normally. Also I went fishing for the first time in a long time this summer and it was so much easier for me. The most important benefit I received from Positive Changes Hypnosis is that I’m living a normal life now. It used to affect me a lot because people would do things on purpose just to get a reaction from me, without realizing that I was really fearful and was under a lot of stress.

I told many people that I used Hypnosis and I recommend Positive Changes Hypnosis anytime to anybody. I believe that the results will be permanent.

Alexandra Mironyuk, University Student, Toronto 

My name is Andrew Harris. I live in Mississauga. I work as a sound engineer and a salesperson in a sound engineering company. I’ve been a non-smoker since my first session, which is about a month. I had been smoking for 10 years, since I was 16 years old. I used to smoke a pack a day. I saw the Positive Changes Hypnosis sign on the street. I didn’t have any urge for smoking after the first session. It was incredibly easy to quit smoking; it was not even an effort. It just happened. I had used the patch, the gum, gone cold turkey a million times and tried cutting down. None of those methods worked. Hypnosis is the only thing that worked. Before I felt that it took a lot of willpower but with hypnosis, I didn’t feel that I needed willpower. Anything that I want will happen.

Hypnosis definitely eliminated the urges and cravings for the cigarette. I can’t even think when was the last time I wanted one. I had bronchitis when I first started, and it has cleared up now. I sleep better. My joints feel looser and I have more energy. I feel that I am in control now. I don’t worry about the way I smell when I walk up to people. It just makes things a lot easier when you think about some place to hang out or some place to go. I would say the most benefit I received from hypnosis is the fact that I’ve got more control not only over my health but also over my money. I don’t have to worry whether I’m going to have $60 this week to spend on cigarettes. It certainly helps my pocketbook’s confidence. I think that the money that I invested here is going to come back to me 10-fold over the next years.

I have recommended Positive Changes Hypnosis Etobicoke to quite a few people for quitting smoking. I’m confident that I will be a non-smoker permanently.

Andrew Harris, Technician, Toronto