International Retreats with Terry J. Hodgkinson

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Tao Travel – Journeys that Enlighten the Soul

Terry who is a world traveler, leads revitalizing international retreats, helping people connect with their centre, enjoying a profound inner peace while feeling more empowered in their every day life. Each journey is 14 days in duration (including travel time), and seamlessly created for a truly amazing experience and your greatest benefit. Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi and Yoga are only some of the activities the group will engage in. For more detailed information click the links below.

Meditation retreats will take place on the following dates this year:


Mastering the Tao Nature Within – Wudang Mountain, China Nov. 6 – Nov. 18



Awaken your Inner Guru – 4 sacred cities in India Nov. 20 – Dec. 2


Local Seminars with Terry J. Hodgkinson

Next meditation day in Toronto with Terry Hodgkinson to be announced soon!

Brain Lit UpHeal, Energize and Flourish Meditation Intensive Day

with Sifu Terry Hodgkinson

The last time Terry held a full day meditation intensive the room was packed!

Register early for his next one so you can be assured a spot.

That’s right it’s back and many of you have been asking for this now for a long time. Don’t miss his amazing opportunity to spend a full day with international meditation teacher Terry Hodgkinson

When: To be announced

Time: 9:30am – 5:00pm

Where: The Meeting Place, 612 Arbor Road, Mississauga

Fee: This event is $99.95 for the full day. Sign Up Here

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL if you register before May 8th pay only $59.95 and SAVE $20.00

To receive this amazing discount you need to pre-register ASAP because after April 30th the price goes up to $79.95 and if you show up on the day of the event without having pre-registered then you will be charged the full price of $79.95

This meditation intensive day is designed specifically to build your energy, lift/clear obstructions from your mind and increase connection with your inner healer, intuitor and sacred self. The meditations practiced on this day are secular (non religious) and are taught in hospitals, schools, corporations and prisons.