Positive Changes Hypnosis Centre serving the community of Mississauga for 15 years.

You know your life better than anyone. Whether it’s managing stress,  losing weight, stopping smoking, or another behavioural change you want to see in your life, our programs are centred around you.

Our personal coaching is backed up by state-of-the-art hypnosis technology to bring lasting changes to your life. Guaranteed.

If you want something different, something new, something that works, give us a call.  Working with Dr. Gates at our centre means that you have the advantage of having the majority of your program costs covered through OHIP. This makes hypnosis not only fun and relaxing but affordable too!


wlWeight Loss Mastery

At Positive Changes, we understand that restrictive diets don’t work, and depriving yourself of your favourite foods is no way to live. Weight Loss Mastery is not a diet. There are no menus to follow, meals to purchase, or embarrassing weigh-ins.

Instead, this program is focused on behaviour modification and overcoming bad habits. We simply help you make the best possible choices in your everyday life and effortlessly transform your body into a fat-burning machine.

In your customized program, you’ll learn to overcome common weight-loss roadblocks, eat and think healthy, overcome your cravings and increase your self-confidence.

scQuit Permanently

Kick your tobacco habit using the proven strategies in this series. Eliminate your cravings. Relieve the stress and frustration associated with quitting smoking. Learn to stay calm and manage your stress in order to overpower the urge for cigarettes. Use hypnosis to help you break the chains that have bound you to cigarettes and live the tobacco-free life of your dreams!




bkBreakthrough with Hypnosis

To get peak performance from your body, start with your mind. Our breakthrough programs are customized to provide safe and effective tools and techniques that allow you to achieve your desired behavior changes and life-enhancing goals.

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